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What is Bodies by Science?

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

I've always noticed a trend in the supplement industry; make extravagant claims using doctored photos of steroid athletes and market these products to desperate individuals at a premium price, don't forget to use proprietary blends to cut production cost and profitability while ensuring limited to no benefit to your customer base. Sound extreme? This is the formula of almost every supplement company out there. Years ago I knew I wanted to be different, lets offer products that are high in quality, premium ingredients, no proprietary blends, simple labelling and no extreme pictures of ridiculous claims, and lets market these products to normal people. This is the vision of Bodies by Science Supplements and Nutrition. We started with 4 tried and true products our Premium Whey Blend, our high pump pre-workout, a pure creatine monohydrate and a pure vitamin D3, all of these products are well researched, and have documented benefits. It's easy to sell a product you believe in, it's even easier when your claims are true, when you don't have to lie or deceive your target customer base, and when you can do this with integrity you can bet it feels good. All the products we sell I take day to day and have recommended to clients for years. You'll never see pseudoscience or scam products from us just evidence based, bodies by Science. Thanks for checking us out, any questions please let us know!

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